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Utilities: performance at the highest levels with Acty

Augmented reality takes to the field and trains the new company recruits

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Time is money? Yes, especially in the utilities sector.The rapidity and safety of technicians at work, restoring the functionality, are decisive factors in ensuring continuity of service. With Acty, errors are zeroed in on and training opportunities are optimised due to the constant support of remote technicians and guided instructions that provide a source of knowledge for the next generation of workers at the company.

Workforce training in the utilities sector: how much does it cost?

Scenario: You go to a cafe near work for a coffee. You realise that there are many employees of your company here you don't know or have seen just once, when they were hired. At this point you realise that there are fewer and fewer of your old colleagues, as most have now retired. You think about your machines. Senior employees know every circuit board, every bolt, every gear by heart. They started at the company as mere boys and spent most of their lives in the plant. When they leave, you will have to think about training new beginners, a big investment from an economic point of view, but necessary for the company. The senior employees will train the new ones for a certain amount of time, but will they be able to absorb all of the vital knowledge? One solution could be to recruit a specialised engineer, but finding someone with the theoretical and practical experience to provide training on the machines is difficult, not to mention costly and time consuming.

These issues and uncertainties are faced by many companies that operate using complex and technologically-advanced machines. It is often difficult to find the most efficient way to maintain high performance levels in the utilities sector when there is a change of staff. Acty provides the capability to train new technicians in a quick and simple way.

Simplify training

Simplify training

The use of Smart Glasses guides technicians through solving problems, thanks to the support of recorded video and remote expert assistance.

Sharing knowledg

Sharing knowledge

The video assistance provided through Acty is live. This means that technicians immediately acquire the skills of remote experts who are always ready to assist them.

mprove security

Improve security

The skills acquired with Acty ensure greater levels of safety during the operations of restoring a machine. The guidance of a real-time expert is essential to support new technicians working on the machine.

Knowledge travels in augmented reality with Acty

Acty is the latest generation platform that meets the demands of the companies that find themselves facing the challenge of an aging workforce. The transfer of knowledge and experience from one generation to the next is the goal that Acty wanted to achieve. Regardless of upgrade levels and familiarity with the machine being repaired, field technicians can be guided by remote experts to resolve the issue. The innovation introduced by Acty gives the possibility to record and save each video assistance session to the platform. All support sessions are accumulated and made searchable, to be shared and reused to instruct other company technicians.

Acty is integrated into the internal training of the company; it is effective, simple and always present.

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