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Augmented reality for production machinery

Production machinery has a new ally: Acty


Acty represents the evolution of video assistance in the manufacturing industry. Wearing Smart Glasses supports your technicians in real time and assists your customers in dealing with mechanical malfunctions. Prevent the need for on-field visits and reduce machine downtime thanks to augmented reality.

The resolution of a failure before augmented reality

Scenario: A sheet metal cutting machine has a problem. Your long-time client from China reports the issue to you. Your expert technician remotely intervenes and communicates with the operator on site to diagnose the fault. Your customer's employee is new, he is unfamiliar with the machine and he does not speak much English. In the meantime, the production line is interrupted and it is necessary to deal with the issue promptly, to prevent your client from losing large sums of money. The only solution is to have your technician take the first available flight to China. Once at the destination, your expert realises that the diagnosis was wrong and it only takes 30 minutes to resolve the issue. The cost for your company? Obviously very high.

This is what can happen when there is a problem with your client's machinery production . Repairing this kind of machine is complex and requires the knowledge of multiple disciplines, such as mechanics, robotics, electronics and pneumatics, and not all technicians have in-depth expertise in the various fields.

Machine downtime reduced to a minimum

With Acty it is possible to act in real time to determine the fault and repair it.

Eliminate the need for travel

The use of highly-advanced instruments, such as Smart Glasses, allows you to avoid repetitive and expensive transfers for your technicians.

Linguistic differences are no longer a barrier

The helmets and Smart Glasses allow the expert to observe the problem remotely and guide the technician in his or her language without a language barrier being an issue.

Acty: a solution for multiple difficulties

Most manufacturing machinery today is equipped with remote control and monitoring tools. However, in the event of a fault, these tools require a field technician to intervene and repair the machine. Acty was born to solve this problem and is designed to be "your man on the ground", always ready to support your customers.

The use of augmented reality through smart glasses, in fact, brings your technicians to the site of each client, without any need to leave the office or pay for a trip. Smart glasses worn by machine operators allow your technicians to identify the fault in real time, diagnose the problem and provide a solution. Thanks to the advanced technology of Acty, the number of necessary trips to different sites is reduced. If you ultimately need to send a technician, he will be aware and prepared for the problem already and supported remotely using Smart glasses and other devices from those who know the machine thoroughly: the costs, in this way, are halved and customer satisfaction is maximised.

Acty is a revolutionary platform for your company and your customers. It can be installed on all devices, both fixed and mobile, and become the spearhead of your maintenance and assistance team, available anytime and anywhere.

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