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Insurance: file insurance claims with Acty

With augmented reality handling insurance claims is a breeze

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How to handle an insurance claim most efficiently? Using Acty's platform you can do it both remotely and quickly. As long as the customer has a smartphone with a camera, sharing video with the operator allows them to show the damage live and provide a complete view of the situation.

Third Party Claims: an expensive job for you and your agents

Scenario: "Good morning, I am Mr. Smith, I would like to make a claim". The first contact of many for any insurance claim service. The reason for the call is almost always the same, an accident in the street or a crash, when the insured car was parked outside the house. The point is not the accident report, but rather the complicated procedure that it triggers. The agent who received the call takes note of the incident and immediately contacts the relevant expert who will have to go to your client. It will be up to them to document the damage with photos and videos of the vehicle and the location of the incident. The process will continue with the assessment of the damage, the presentation of the settlement and, after acceptance, the closure of the claim. Of course, the time spent on processing the claim is considerable, due to the various colleagues and other companies involved in the matter. But what are the alternatives?

Acty offers concrete support to the insurance industry, a tool that is vital to improve and simplify the claims process and remove superfluous expenses.

The claim and its resolution in a video call

Acty allows you to use video calls to optimise the time spent on resolving claims. This ability gives both assessors and customers a visual insurance record.

Record, assess and report

The Acty platform is designed to share files that give a full picture of the situation, see what happened in the incident and get all the information needed to immediately reach a decision.

Send a notification URL

Among the functions of the platform there is also the possibility of notifying the customer of the assessment immediately. The customer can then accept the assessment and proceed with the closure of the claim.

Manage claims with Acty's app: productivity at the highest levels

Acty is a multipurpose platform for insurance agencies. Acty's functionalities can be integrated into the software used by agents to effectively manage claims. This means that the insurance claims software can be modelled into the CRM and made available in the existing platforms, without the need to replace them.
Customers will simply need to install the Acty app on their smartphone. In the event of damage or an accident, a video call via the augmented reality platform will suffice. It allows your agents to ascertain the damage in real time and send the claim details to the customer. With recorded and archived video, your technicians can identify the focal points of the damage, take pictures and retain all the documentation.
It will no longer be necessary to organise home or accident scene visits by technical evaluators. Your staff will be more productive and will manage the claims in a faster and more precise way.

With Acty the performance of your agents increases, thanks to the instant information, available at their disposal, through the augmented reality insurance software.

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