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Acty for industry: The solution that transforms the industrial sector

With Acty, augmented reality is applied to the industrial sector

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Acty is a platform based on the needs of global industrial companies, equipped with remote production facilities. The software and its functions reduce operating costs and optimise machine runtime, all to the advantage of technicians' productivity in the field.

Industrial realities, productivity and the price of errors

Scenario: You produce specific and advanced industrial machinery. Your client has moved his manufacturing company overseas. Like many, he chose to relocate in order to minimise labour costs. There are dozens of production facilities at his site in Bulgaria and he is also considering opening a branch in Brazil. The machines the company uses are equipped with advanced technology, highly complex and, above all, very expensive. It's Thursday when you receive the call. The entire production process has been stopped due to a machine with an issue and the technicians in the field are not able to resolve it. You promise to send to a highly-skilled technician, with the best working knowledge of the machine in question, on the first available flight. He will arrive in the evening or the next day at the latest. This last-minute intervention incurs a very high cost, but you have no other choice.

Cases like this happen every day and often travelling is the only option available. When dealing with large manufacturing companies, the operation of each machine is essential to ensure the production abilities of the site as a whole. An issue with a single machine affects the entire manufacturing process. The maintenance of industrial machines can not always be addressed by field technicians, no matter how specialised they are. It is essential that experts who are familiar with each machine are the ones to intervene.

The alternative is Acty.

Optimised activity times

Acty prevents business downtime by promptly identifying the problem and making its resolution effective in real time.

Reduction of operating costs

The use of Acty makes it unnecessary for experts to travel to the site allowing effective cost cutting.

Immediate and safe diagnosis

Smart Glasses allow you to show the problem live and obtain fault-finding information from a remote expert.

With Acty your best engineers are always in the field

The Acty video assistance platform is designed to solve some of the biggest problems faced by the manufacturing industry, mainly those related to travel, spending and machine downtime. Thanks to the use of Smart Glasses field technicians can show remote experts the problem in real time. This allows your engineers to intervene in the field and give an accurate diagnosis without leaving the office. The augmented reality industry can transform efficiency, lower repair costs and increase production.

But Acty does even more. With a wearable device or by using a smartphone, your expert can guide the technician through each step in order to solve the problem. To support the technician, there is a precise and simplified guide produced that is easy to understand, thanks to the augmented reality dedicated to the sector. The information from each assistance is then stored on the platform to be reused in case of future failures. Using this AR industries feature has a snowball effect of cost-saving and in-house training.

With Acty your customers have access to the technical skills of your experts, who will be ready to give their support immediately without any additional time or expense needed. The software is designed to support industrial enterprise and benefit each company in an individualised way.

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