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Acty in Field Service Industry: Maintenance time reduction

Check-up, quality control and field inspections conveniently carried out remotely

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Inspections, quality tests and audits are often a strain on the company accounts. With Acty, field service industry revolutionises itself to become a more efficient and economical procedure, which maximises results with minimum expense.

Field inspection: A preventable cost?

Scenario: A call comes in from a customer in Ukraine. You are required to install machinery at the industrial site and need to send your best technicians for a field evaluation. At least three men and a few days will be needed for the inspection. Between travel, food and lodging, you will have to pay a fortune. Upon returning to the office, your experts will evaluate the data, establish the feasibility of the project and the machines required to meet the needs of the customer. The machinery is prepared and sent to Ukraine, you also need to send your technicians back into the field. Their expert eye is essential in order to verify that the machines operate to perfection, without any interruption of continuity. The total expense for this job is substantial, as every time there are issues to resolve or tweaks to make, your technicians must travel to the site again. This is only one example of the many situations in which the physical presence of technicians in the field is required. Audit, quality controls, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, are among the others and the costs build up to often staggering amounts.

What's the alternative? It's Acty, augmented reality video assisting that helps your employees to intervene in real time while staying where they are, through the use of Smart Glasses technology.


Concrete support for your technicians

Acty is the missing piece of the puzzle. Our solution removes the step of your technicians needing to travel to the field for an inspection and allows them to get all the necessary data remotely, quickly and easily.

Minimise time spent on the job

Minimise time spent on the job

Remote technicians receive the information they would get from a full inspection in just moments. Using Smart Glasses you can take photos, record videos, share documents and project information. This augmented maintenance process drastically reduces the time spent on projects.

ffective and complete diagnostics

Effective and complete diagnostics

Acty's sophisticated system transforms field operators into the eyes and ears of the experts, who, working remotely, are able to observe the problem, evaluate it and provide a solution in real time.

Remote Maintenance with Acty

Using Acty and Smart Glasses with augmented reality allows you to cut travel expenses and reduce planning and intervention time. Furthermore, real-time sharing of videos and photos, as well as documentation and projects, allows to obtain and provide real-time audits. The use of the remote maintenance software platform offers concrete support for your technicians. Acty has features that are able to deal with every type of intervention, be it an audit, a quality and safety check or the verification and solution of a problem. At any time, technicians in the field can share images of a fault with remote technicians. Videos and photos from the assistance can be archived, in order to make future resolutions faster. The videos and photos are also useful in the case where an actual on-site intervention is necessary. Before the visit the technician has all the information regarding the problem, that can be used to ensure the visit to the field is effective and efficient, and the technician is prepared to carry out the task.

Acty is not just a work tool, it is the partner you didn't know you were looking for.

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