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Choose the most suitable subscription plan for your requirements, and instantly activate the free trial for 15 days.

Choose the most suitable version for your requirements, try Acty with 3 licences free of charge for 15 days and at the end of the trial period, decide whether to purchase a subscription plan or continue using the Free version.

  • Maximum no. 1 operator
  • Installation of operator software on one PC
  • Maximum 20 min. of support per day
  • Selection of smartphone camera
  • Activation of Led on
€ 15
€ 15 op./month invoiced annually
€ 18 op./month invoiced month by month
  • In addition to the Free version
  • Storage of data for 7 days, up to 1 Gb
  • Unlimited daily support sessions
  • Installation of operator software on several PCs
  • Photos can be taken from remote devices
  • Support sessions are video recorded
  • Sending of text for downloading App
  • Access to support forms
  • Support available from 9 am to 6 pm via email
  • Video quality settings
€ 25
€ 25 op./month invoiced annually
€ 30 op./month invoiced month by month
  • In addition to the Owl version
  • Storage of data for 15 days, up to 3 Gb
  • Sharing of pointer and drawing
  • Detection of user’s GPS position
  • Sending of push notifications
  • Company Visibility in the App search function
  • Support blocked for anonymous contacts
  • Company classification by Ateco code
  • Entering of contacts into list of banned users
  • Reading of QR Code from remote devices
€ 50
€ 50 op./month invoiced annually
€ 60 op./month invoiced month by month
  • In addition to the Hawk version
  • Storage of data for 30 days, up to 6 Gb
  • Use of smartglasses
  • Importing of companies’ general details
  • Operator screen sharing
  • Customer satisfaction management
  • Configuration of corporate users
  • Support data exported to CSV
  • Digital zooming function
  • Chat between operator and customer
  • Download of remote assistance photos and videos
  • In addition to the Eagle version
  • Dedicated server installation
  • Connector to cloud storage
  • Connector to companies' storage
  • Connector to CRM
  • Helpline
  • Customization app
  • On-site training
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