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Use augmented reality remotely

to assist your technicians in the field

to reduce downtime and interventions

to make check-up operations faster

to make troubleshooting easier

to save time and cost

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Are you interested in giving your assistance software data that allows you to automatically invoice?
Are you interested in reducing your customer support costs, using innovative technologies?
Are you interested in offering state-of-the-art, unique and distinctive remote support in your sector?
Are you interested in chatting with your customers, giving directions and resolving problems remotely?
Are you interested in sharing the knowledge and skills of your most experienced experts with your customers?
Are you interested in recording training videos to simplify the training of new technicians?
Are you interested in increasing the efficiency and reducing the time invested in remote interventions, even in other countries?

Use augmented reality to provide remote support

With Acty, solve problems remotely with smartphone, tablet and smart glasses. Our AR software allows you to intervene remotely, in real-time, carry out ordinary maintenance procedures or resolve technical failures. Thanks to the use of wearable devices, remote experts can accurately diagnose the problem and find a solution, reduce the time spent to understand the problem and avoid unnecessary travel expenses. The unique aspect introduced by this augmented reality software lies in the possibility given to remote experts to observe the problem that arises at the location of any customer in real-time, without moving from their desk.

Field technicians

Field technicians

Focus on the problem

A problem or a complete failure of a machine requires a visual verification in order to intervene effectively and definitively during maintenance. Field technicians, equipped with augmented reality glasses or mobile devices, can communicate in real time with remote experts. The distance is effectively eliminated thanks to the ability to share video in real time. The field technician receives remote support of an expert on the faulty machinery immediately.

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Remote expert

Remote expert

Assist your client

Through the use of Acty, the remote expert is able to view a critical situation and diagnose the problem with accuracy. Thanks to the augmented reality features of the platform, the remote expert can draw in freeze or AR mode and indicate the exact point where the field technician will have to intervene. The indications provided by the remote expert are displayed in real time on the screen of the augmented reality glasses worn by the technician in the field. This way he can work accurately, efficiently and, most importantly, hands-free.

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The problem is solved

Acty helps in considerably reducing problem identification and troubleshooting time. As a result, travel costs are cut to a minimum. The solution is a useful tool for on-going training of technicians, thanks to the possibility of archiving previous assistance sessions and the ability to take photos and record videos during the expert consultation. The sectors in which an augmented reality setup can be utilised are various, including: industry and industrial production, utilities, healthcare, construction, insurance, on-site services and many others.

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Use on a PC, Web and mobile

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Quality assured anywhere in the world

To provide excellent quality of audio and video transmission, the company has installed proprietary servers in the world's major geographic areas. The choice of sites, in which to locate the servers was based on the importance of the individual areas of the world, the distance from one server to the next and for the servers to be within the range of the transmissions. This is how we ensure clear and clean video conversations for everyone no matter where they are located.

First Time Fixes

First Time Fixes

Extremely accurate remote diagnostics. Understand the problem right away, see what you need to do and provide precise visual instructions to your field technician, increasing first time fix rates and minimising downtime.

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer

All actions and information exchanged during an assistance session are documented. Share skills among company technicians to accelerate training processes and provide immediate support to a less experienced colleague.

Visual Support

Visual Support

The real-time visual collaboration allows the remote expert to guide the technician in the field, to solve problems remotely, avoiding unnecessary and expensive on-site trips, improving customer satisfaction and reducing service costs.

Machine Uptime

Machine Uptime

Maximise the up-time of your machinery. Increased machine activity time - increases end-user business performance, accelerates manufacturers' competitive advantage, and generates revenue from usage-based business models.

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The 15-day trial is completely free. No obligation to buy.

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