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Acty has a simple, user-friendly interface, designed to make it easy to use in all situations.

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Practical and functional

Acty enables you to put your customer into contact with the operator in remote connection, to resolve all kinds of problems in real time. Accessing Acty is simple: flick through the slides and discover in detail how it works.

Daniele Verdi, technician from the company ICONA, has a problem with one of the fabric printing machines, he calls the assistance and Marco Rossi, the expert, sends him an SMS to download Acty's app and asks for the generated code.

Mario inserts the code and immediately starts an audio / video connection with Daniele.

Daniele captures the machine with the smartphone so that Mario can see the situation and diagnose the problem.

During the assistance, Mario documents the assistance by taking photos and recording videos, creating a gallery of files that is inserted into the customer card at the end of the assistance.

Mario activates the full screen view to understand the situation and, once he identifies the problem, he gives precise instructions to Daniele on what to do to resolve the fault.

Once the assistance has been completed, Mario can complete the client record card, noting the GPS position of Daniele, acquiring the barcode of the machine and entering all the data of the intervention.

At the end of the connection, Daniele can express his opinion by evaluating the assistance received. The data is acquired by Acty which calculates the average result of the feedback obtained by Mario.

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