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How can a field technician or customer connect with a remote expert?

To start the audio / video connection with the expert, the technician in the field / customer uses the Acty App after having installed it on his smartphone or smart glasses. Assistance through Acty is initiated via a randomly generated session code. The technician in the field / customer has to communicate the code to the expert in the office, in order to launch the assistance session and show the problem through the camera of the smartphone or smart glasses.

Do my field technicians or customers need to buy Acty?

No, those receiving assistance do not have to buy the Acty App; simply download the Acty application free from Google Play or Apple Store and give the randomly-generated session code to the operator in order to start the connection.

How many remote experts can use a license?

The license is personal and registered, so any expert, that has the access credentials, can use the license, as long as only one operator is logged in at a time.

How is the assistance data stored?

Acty offers various levels of image, audio or video recording storage, depending on the subscription plan. Each license has a subscription plan that includes a certain number of days of storage on the cloud and a maximum limit in GB of data. When this time limit is reached, even if the space limit is not yet reached, the images and videos are automatically deleted, starting from the oldest. If the space limit is reached before the time limit, to store more data you need to manually delete the less important or older files. View storage limits

Can I invite the technician or client to download the app?

Yes, by using the SMS function in the app or by sending the Play Store or App Store link manually.

Can I dowload the mobile application without insert my credit card informations?

Yes, both Google Play Store and Apple AppStore allow their customers to register and download applications without insert the credit card informations.

Technical specifications

Which devices can an expert use to assist?

The remote expert can provide support from a PC with Windows or Mac operating systems and Android and iOS operating systems to give assistance from a mobile device.

Which devices can the field technician or client use?

The technician in the field or the customer can use a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with an Android or iOS operating system, alternatively they can use any android Smart Glasses in order to work hands-free.

Which Smart Glasses are compatible with the Acty App?

The Acty application is compatible with all Smart Glasses with an Android operating system and will soon be compatible with Hololens too. Explore Smart Glasses

How much data is used during a service?

Bandwidth usage is set to 8Mb per minute by default for average video quality. You can reduce usage to 2Mb per minute with low video quality or increase it to 15Mb per minute with high video quality.

Is it possible to reduce bandwidth usage?

In the case of connectivity via a mobile network, you can reduce the performance of video in real time to decrease bandwidth usage.

What happens if the customer has little bandwidth?

Through a check carried out periodically during assistance, the quality of the video feed shown to the remote expert automatically adjusts to the amount of bandwidth available. It is also possible to set the assistance to start at a certain video quality level (high, medium or low).

What is Acty's server coverage?

Acty's servers are geographically distributed in the most important areas of the world in order to obtain the best possible audio and video quality.

Purchase and billing

How does the Acty free trial work?

Register for a free trial to try Acty for 15 days with the Eagle version. At the end of the free trial you will be notified and you can then decide whether to buy a paid plan or to continue with the free version. Activate a free trial

What are Acty's subscription plans?

Acty is offered through three different paid subscription plans, that are differentiated by the functions available beyond the free version. You can view costs and features available for each plan by accessing the Prices page. View subscription plans

What types of payment methods are accepted?

You can pay by credit card via the app or by bank transfer, by contacting our sales department through the Contact page of the website or by writing to [email protected].

How can I get an invoice?

For each new subscription or modification of a subscription plan, an invoice is automatically sent to the email address, with which the service has been registered. In the Account section, you can change the email address, manage the information related to your account, view the history of all payments and related invoices.

Once the paid service is activated, can I change the subscription plan?

Yes, you can change the subscription plan or the number of licenses at any time. If the change results in a credit to your account, it will be discounted from a subsequent invoice.

Once I have activated the paid service, can I pause it?

Yes, you can stop the subscription plan at any time and continue using the free version. If a credit is required due to pausing your plan it will be applied to your account upon activation of a new 6 month subscription.

Is it possible to integrate Acty into a currently implemented App or configure more than 10 operators?

Yes. Acty has a library of Apps with which it is already integrated or we can develop new ad hoc integrations. Furthermore, it is possible to activate more than ten operators by contacting our sales department. More information

If I need to customise the service provided by Acty can I make a request?

Yes, Icona is the producer of Acty therefore, upon request, we can evaluate customisations, as long as they remain within the functional context of the service. More information

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