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PC, smartphone and tablet use

The same license allows the expert to use Acty to provide support from a PC or a mobile device such as an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Web Expert and Web Client

This feature allows you to give and receive assistance via the web, without having to download any App, but with a simple link.

Use with smart glasses

The technician can use any android Smart Glasses e.g. Epson Moverio, Realwear, Vusix, ODG to receive support in hands free mode.

Use with external cameras

For all Android devices it is now possible to connect external cameras that comply with the UVC protocol and support USB host mode (e.g. endoscope probe for video inspection or external cameras connected to the smartphone).

Taking photos

It is possible to capture the problem using a smartphone, tablet or wearable devices remotely, as well to collect support data.

Video Recording

You can record a video of the work carried out using a smartphone, tablet or smart glasses remotely, in this way creating training sessions.

Support in Augmented Reality

While in remote access session, it is possible to simultaneously draw and write notes on the live image in augmented reality e.g. instructions, arrows, shapes, signals, text etc.

Support in freeze mode

During the remote viewing session, it is possible to freeze a video frame and simultaneously draw directions, arrows, shapes, signals, text etc. on the image.

Live pointer

By clicking on the screen during the assistance you can activate and move a pointer drawn on reality to give indications quickly.

Screen sharing

Each page of the PC that contains an application can be shared in the remote screen of the smartphone, tablet or smart eyewear.


Possibility of simultaneous connection of several experts to a customer. Everyone will be able to see, talk and draw in AR.

Drawing with the object palette

To facilitate understanding of the remote problem, a palette of ready-to-use symbols has been included both in AR and in Freeze.

Drawing in meeting

Meeting participants can simultaneously use the drawing palette and each expert is distinguished with a different color.

Drawing on a photo from gallery

During the remote viewing of the video broadcast, you can use a digital zoom to visualise any detail of the shot more closely.

Digital zoom

While viewing the video remotely, you can use a digital zoom to take a closer look at any detail of the shot.

Full screen view

The PC application used to support customers allows you to expand the transmitted image to full screen.

Video quality management

In order to manage changes in connectivity, the video quality can be adjusted in real time to adapt to the available bandwidth.

Decrease bandwidth usage

In order decrease bandwidth usage, in case of connectivity via the mobile network, it is possible to decrease or increase the video performance quality in real time.

Turning the LEDs on and off

When the frame is in the shadow or dark, the technician can remotely activate the LED flashlight present on your smartphone or tablet to illuminate the scene.

Pause the video

When providing support, it is also possible to reduce bandwidth consumption for the customer by disconnecting the video and continuing in audio only.

Widespread availability of servers worldwide

The Acty servers are located in the most important areas of the world to get the best audio/video quality possible.

Acty is designed to offer a wide range of functions, to be user-friendly and provide a pleasant user experience in any professional context. Discover just how easy it is to use.

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General functions

Company chat

A WhatsApp style chat to communicate with your technicians and your customers. These messages are stored per contact and available to be viewed by all the company.

Group chat

Group chat, public or private, allows colleagues from all locations to synchronize and participate in discussions, where each expert can send and receive messages or photos.

Instant translation

The expert can set his own language and that of the client to send messages in chat that will be translated and displayed automatically by Acty in over 60 languages.

Voice translation

The expert pronounces sentences in his language, these are then translated automatically so the technician can listen to the voice translation in his language.

Machinery and assistance tags

Ability to insert the type of machinery or tags in the assistance form find information more quickly when solving the problem.

Transfer files

Ability to send documents and files from PC to mobile devices and from mobile to PC through Acty's chat to improve understanding.

QR code scanner

You can use the barcode or QR code scanner to identify the equipment and components displayed remotely.

GPS location

For each support operation, once accepted by the client, Acty allows you to detect the exact GPS location where the support is being provided.

Company address book

With Acty you can import the contact details of your customers to create an address book with the associated contacts and support sessions with an overview of activities carried out.

Connection status

Experts and groups can indicate their status (available, busy, offline) which will be visible through a colored led.

Call with Pin

The company can restrict the call for all customers by entering a PIN that can be provided, for example, only to those with an existing contract.

Message on non-answer

The user who doesn't get an answer from an Expert has the possibility to leave a message, which is addressed in the chat and remains visible to all the configured Experts.

Customer satisfaction

At the end of each support session, the customer is asked to indicate their level of satisfaction with the assistance received, determining a score for each technician.

Push notifications

When the technician is attempting to contact a customer, they can send a message from the chat that reaches the recipient on their smartphone through a push notification.

Customer code sharing

To improve the communication of the code with which to make a connection between expert and technician / customer, the sharing function has been inserted.

Queuing system

In order to facilitate requesting assistance from a technician, your customers can use the App to get in contact and join a support request queue.

Contact via SMS

To facilitate the installation of the Acty App, send an SMS to your client that automatically guides him to the Apple or Google store.

Privacy Management/GDPR

Companies can configure messages that will be displayed to the customer before the support session takes place, so that they explicitly accept the provision of support, photo taking and the recording of video footage.

Secure communication

All traffic is encrypted in accordance with international "best practices". Audio/video traffic is encrypted end-to-end.

Assistance list

Assistance form

For every support session carried out, the identity of the parties involved are recorded on a form, along with details of the activity carried out and the photos and videos taken during the assistance.

Assistance search

It is possible to use the assistance list to search for a specific activity by subject, description, technician's name, company or contact.

Associate company

Acty allows you to take an inventory of each contact within a corporate registry for whom the service is performed in order to provide a report on exactly which activities have been carried out.

Download photos and videos

In the gallery of form you can view all the photos and videos taken as part of the service and, if required, download them to your PC or mobile device.

Download assistance reports in PDF

The assistance report in PDF includes: operator, customer, customer's company, date, duration, descriptions and a copy of all photos and chat messages exchanged both during the assistance and nearby time.

Saving photos with indications

During assistance in Freeze mode, you can save the screen with the indications provided by the expert.


CRM add-on

An add-on is available for all customers using a generic CRM which allows you to connect to the API to import the details and timing of the assistance carried out automatically.

Dynamics add-on

An add-on is available for all customers using Dynamics which allows you to connect to the API to import the details and timing of the support carried out automatically.

Cloud storage add-on

Available exclusively for Cloud architecture, this add-on allows you to store all your photos and videos on Amazon S3, Azure or Google Cloud Storage.

Proprietary storage add-on

Available exclusively for On-Premises architecture, this add-on allows you to store all your photos and videos on your business storage.

Deskoala add-on

An add-on is available for all customers using Deskoala which allows you to import the details and timing of the support carried out automatically for each ticket.

Zapier add-on

The Zapier add-on allows an easy integration with external Web Apps which integrates with the most common internet services.

Salesforce add-on

By entering the ticket ID, Salesforce integration allows you to automatically transfer all the information recorded during assistance (photos, videos ...) to the Case or Workorder.


Skin App

Basic customisation of the app is available through an optional module that allows you to download the Acty App and display your company's logo and colours when launching the app.

Clone App

The intermediate level of customisation is project-based and allows you to download the company's customised App and display your own logo and colours.

Skeleton App

In the advanced level of customisation, the app is project-based and allows you to insert a source code in an App already available from the company.



The Cloud architecture enables the Acty service to be provided from the Icona server including release updates and technical support.


The On-Premises architecture allows the installation of the Acty server at the customer site, and includes release updates and support for an additional fee.

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