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Smart Glasses provide greater efficiency and reduce time on the job

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In the remote support field, Acty offers the ideal solution for companies looking for remote assistance software with high efficiency and innovation. It offers an App dedicated to smart eyewear (currently available for Android and will be available for Microsoft Hololens in the future) and has a range of functions to ensure maximum interaction and impressive augmented reality functions. By using Acty you will have a time-saving and highly precise tool capable of improving fundamental business functions.

Epson Moverio Pro BT-2200

The transparent, binocular HD display, the precise accuracy in position detection and the 5MP stereo front camera are definitely the strengths of this device. In particular, the camera has a three-dimensional depth sensor able to detect the size and position of objects in relation to one another. The features of this wearable device allow you, among other things, to provide assistance for complex activities by sharing the view of the worker and transmitting or recording images and HD quality videos.

Epson Moverio BT-350

These intelligent glasses are especially impressive due to the innovative OLED digital display technology. The Epson Moverio BT-350 binocular view features one of the lightest transparent lenses available on the market, and guarantees HD resolution and a particularly high contrast. By opting for this solution, your work will benefit from enviable precision and visual support. Thanks to the flip-up shade the glasses are optimised for maximum efficiency both indoors and out.

HMT-1 Realwear

The HMT-1 was developed to share knowledge through the ability to quickly transmit data to the workforce. The hands-free user interface is the flagship of this wearable device, making it possible for operators to use the tools and features necessary to complete their work in any situation. Speech recognition and voice control allow to use the interface even when climbing. When compared to a tablet or interactive glasses the HTM-1 proves not only faster, but also safer and more intelligent.


Simplicity and speed characterise this video eyewear glasses. Designed to provide visual support for hands-free work, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It guarantees an immersive experience with 360° stereoscopic 3D images. An internal memory of 64GB, time-saving, fast-action, magnetically interchangeable lenses and the integrated 4MP camera (for photos, videos and live streams) are among the most interesting features.


If you are looking for wearable devices with features that can be used for commercial applications, is set to impress. It provides the ability to improve existing workflows, guarantees immediate access to information, collects data and much more. The functionality provides the opportunity for your business to be more efficient. The device was designed specifically for enterprise applications and there are a series of optional accessories ideal for use on construction sites and in warehouses.

Google Glass Enterprise

Do you want to connect instantly with your colleagues or share what you're viewing on a screen in order to solve a problem in real time? For this situation and many others, Google Glass Enterprise is an ideal choice. Training videos and quality checklists are among some of the tools you can use with this device. After improving on the previous version, Google designed this model specifically for professional use. This means businesses benefits from greater intelligence and more powerful technology.

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