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Service architecture

Acty is a Cloud system that is easy to use but, in situations where companies have strict IT policies or sensitive data management problems, it is possible to install an Acty server in On-Premise mode at the company's data center.


The classic activation of the Acty service provides the activation of licenses with annual subscription of the chosen version. It is a term contract without an implied renewal mode.


In this architecture, the server is installed at the customer's data center. The model includes the activation of licenses as in Cloud mode, installation and maintenance services.

Client app customizations

For companies interested in enhancing their brand, Acty offers three different types of app alterations; Skin, Clone, Skeleton. The solutions differ from each other due to the degree of complexity of the change and can thus adapt to every single need. All customizations are available for Cloud and On-Premise.

Skin App and Skin Web

The app is Acty's, but after the first login, the company's logo and colors are displayed. Available for iOS and Android.

Skin Desktop

This is the basic customization of the Acty PC app. It allows you to display the home page with company logo and colors.

Clone App

It is the highest level of customization, an app customized with the company brand is created and published in the stores. Available for iOS and Android.

Proprietary cloud storage

For companies interested in personally managing the storing of the assistance card with duration and persistence of the assistances, photos and videos recorded in the assistance, there is a connector that allows you to transfer files to a storage Cloud preferred by the company instead the Icona storage.


Integration to CRM

For all companies interested in transferring the data contained in each individual assistance and the associated files such as photos and videos, a connector is available to connect Acty to the company's software system. The connector is available for SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Deskoala and, through Zapier, for other CRMs.


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