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Seeing in augmented reality through
your customer's eyes

Intervening in a crisis via live video enables your experts to share their know-how with customers and colleagues without leaving their desk. Make your support services more efficient!

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With Acty you can see a long way using augmented reality, observe the problem through your customer's eyes, wherever they or you may be in the world, at any time...

There is an easier, more effective way of managing your support services; from now on, with Acty you can work from a distance, reducing times and lowering the costs of transfers and travelling. Your experts can provide customers and colleagues with remote support, instantly observing the problem and taking on board all kinds of requests, without leaving their desks.

Created for companies, designed for users

Remote view

Using your customer's device, you can observe the problem remotely, instantly and in real time.

Decide what you spend

Choose the most suitable configuration and payment term, and suspend the service whenever you want.

Save on transfers

There is no need to visit your customer every time there is a problem, as you can easily see it from your desk.

Free your hands

Choose innovation: provide your colleagues with professional smartglasses, guide and observe them while they work.

Renew the support offered

Identify the customer's location, read the product barcode, share a manual, amaze your customers.

Make yourself known

Enable customers to find your company in the Acty App, increase your visibility and your business.

Record and file

Easily record photos and videos, store files and make them available for your business requirements.


If you are interested in integrating Acty as part of your company App, call us. We can do it.

Observe remotely using AR and solve the problem

By using Augmented Reality with Acty, your company can connect with experts and on-site technicians directly from your workstation, observing the situation live, remotely and in real time. Acty offers tools that allow you to solve problems via audio and video, and to share the expert's screen, allowing you to save time and reduce costs. With the live video, you can offer the support required to solve any problem.

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Your expert, your solution

To resolve a problem, you need an expert. Offering support to customers and colleagues means being able to share your know-how and use the technical information available to find the ideal solution to every situation. With Acty, your company's experts will be the linchpin of an innovative, simple, functional support service.

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Smartglasses, hands free

To solve a problem you need to have your hands free. Acty enables you to access support in real time by smartphone, but also via smartglasses, so that you can work freely while the images are being sent. Indeed, the technician on the field will be able to intervene effectively, carefully following the instructions provided in real time by the expert from a remote workstation, who in this way has a full, live view of the situation.

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Main functions

Taking photos, viewing videos in real time, remotely.
Storing files and support data, also in a private cloud.
Reading the remote QR code to identify the product info.
Sending notifications to the customer with information and documentation.
Showing the customer the expert's screen on the smartphone.
Making your company visible to customers in the App list.
Using smartglasses to access professional support in hands-free mode.
Identifying the level of satisfaction regarding the offered support service.

Ideal for all sectors

Our video support platform, through the use of tools for augmented reality, easily adapts to the requirements of all sectors, from the production industry to domestic systems and from the world of healthcare assistance to emergency services. Thanks to Acty, you can provide your customers with real time support, so helping them resolve simple problems that often do not require the intervention of a technician. Additionally, your in-house experts can also offer support to technicians on the field, helping them to resolve any kind of problem effectively, saving time and avoiding costly transfers.

Established in 1996, Icona offers its services to organisations in all sectors as a partner capable of designing and developing software solutions to improve support processes. Our continuous research and development activity, an essential prerequisite for maintaining the level of excellence acquired in our many years of business, enables us to propose innovative solutions that meet the requirements of a market in constant evolution.

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